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researched. customized. if you so want, connected.

Where are you headed today? What adventures are you planning?
Toto&Co. enables you to explore near and far, plan for tonight or for later and create personalized trips fitted to your time and style. 

Local events, local food, unique adventures, curious finds – all curated to your taste. Via guidebooks, Toto&Co. offers optimized itineraries from seasoned explorers whose personas match yours. Go ahead, pin your own favorites, add your own photos and create your own trips. Toto&Co. will optimize your getaway, your way. Get recommendations along the way or don’t. Connect with others, or travel disconnected. 

While we offer curated experiences targeted for the locavore in you, we are helping small businesses around the world thrive, find a platform to expand their reach, but to a targeted audience. Toto&Co. users are out there exploring and then telling that story to their friends and other users, bringing people back to these small businesses. There is no room for sponsored content floating to the top. You create some of the richest content and when you pay artists, musicians, storytellers and walking guides for their rich content that you enjoy, you enable this platform remain ad-free and you enable small businesses thrive. 

Here’s to a community of community builders, event makers, songwriters, tour guides and artists, a global entity of locavores. Here’s to YOU.

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our popular destinations

a few of our explorers
Jae Wook S.

Artist, Father
Philadelphia, US

Kolika C.

Chocolate Taster, Artist
Greater Boston Area, US

Kaitie B.

Jeweler, Baker, Gardener, Avid Plant Watcher
Greater Boston Area, US


Sunando R.

Researcher, Tech nerd, Photographer, Self-proclaimed “mindful sloth”
London, UK


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Local events

a Toto&Co.
2021 holiday
gift guide
for foodies

Somerville’s local honey from historic Ploughed Hill. Delicious and unfiltered like Somerville itself. Email Vito 

Humorous and iconic, gift food themed Kitchen Towels and Sarah Dudek’s publication on popular non-perishable fare Indestructible Food

Nature-inspired glass tableware and all the tropical leafy serving-ware. Made right here in Somerville by Glass Paper Scissors

Handmade coasters inspired by vibrant watercolors by Sassafras Creations

Made in India but sold in Cambridge along with goodies from many other place at Abroad Modern

Toto&Co. exists to tell stories like theirs: Buenas & La Flanetaria @laflanetaria

Try this combo at Bow Market to believe the hype