We are Toto Company

We are travel enthusiasts, hosts, memory collectors and storytellers, wowed by art, food, music, history and nature. Sometimes adrenaline, sometimes stories, sometimes curiosity, sometimes the call of home keeps us going. We can be (excruciating) planners, booking years in advance and sometimes we hop on a plane with two days notice. Sometimes we have lists and books, sometimes we follow the wind and watch the waves and forget what day it is.

We court nature well. And we fall in love with cities, all cities, most cities, around the world, one after another. And the series infatuation brings us back to them repeatedly. Yes, of course we travel around the world, to the faraway-s. But sometimes we explore our own neighborhoods, the nooks and crannies and find the unexplored restaurants, shops and curious sculptures, historic doorways we haven’t noticed before. There are alley-way public art and bookstores carved into caves that excite us and there are the neighborhood music festivals that we would like to bring you to.

We travel solo. We believe the best seat at the restaurant is a table for one. But we also like company every now and then. Some of us travel with kids. And sometimes with extended family. Sometimes it’s a getaway for two in romantic bliss- a weekend away without distractions. Sometimes, it’s a sporadic drive midweek, we grab our friends onto planes and cars and just go. Either way, travel caters to all and we believe travel is so often about connections. To those we travel with, never met before and with ourselves. Toto&Co. is about traveling connected.

If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? Download the app! Join us.

PS: about the name- any Wizard of Oz or Wicked fans here? If you really think of it, Toto was the motivation & companion for Dorothy’s travels to Emerald City, Oz and finally her way back home. Also, unbeknownst to other cultures, “totocompany” in my language refers to a vagabond, a saunterer, juvenile flâneur, outward facing wanderlust, one bit by the travel bug. No name is more befitting then for this application dedicated for just that purpose.

 PPS: indeed Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. (No disrespect Kansas, Toto&Co. will be there too)


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